Mobile Internet SIG: Meeting has been postponed



  • NOTE -

    July 31, 2012

    Dear SVForum Mobile Internet SIG Members:

    We regret to announce that Microsoft has asked us to postpone this event: The Window Phone 8; value proposition to the mobile software industry, to a later date.

    With the escalating of interest in Windows Phone, the two teams: Microsoft BizSpark and SVForum Co-Chairs have been working on the content of this presentation since February 2012.  With this eleventh hour news from Microsoft, will continue wait-on

    Microsoft’s team in announcing a green light to this presentation titled:  The Window Phone 8; value proposition to the mobile software industry.

    We may consider a new tack in hosting this event, we may leverage our legacy, with a wider approach to several other mobile industry association heads.  This will allow Microsoft to share their WP8 position once to Silicon Valley.  We could have

    Microsoft host the event at their Mountain View campus and have five or more Silicon Valley wireless association members in the audience.  With SVForum mobile group’s 14 years of industry mobile software cultivation in Silicon Valley, we will continue our unbiased philosophy to connect and engage our membership, with other like-minded individuals from the greater mobile software development ecosystem.

    In the near future, we will receive a status update from Microsoft Corporation and post an update.
    Carpe Diem,

    Mobile Internet Group




    Topic: Windows Phone 8: Developer Perspective - Microsoft Executives - Has Microsoft gotten its mojo backAn evening lowdown on Windows Phone 8 with Microsoft Executives.

    The new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) has been called one of the smartest move with innovative ideas, and the Big Windows Phone 8 differences is: It’s finally Windows. This has the potential to build the App once with almost zero work and able to run it across Windows 8 Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. “This is akin to injecting some high quality steroid into the slick, intuitive OS” (According to Engadget’s Richard Lai).

    Many analysts called Windows 8 announcements is Microsoft’s road for redemption. This meeting is a great opportunity to have candid conversations with Microsoft Windows Phone executives on their strategy for developers, plan for US and International markets, exchange ideas with the audience on Microsoft mobile strategies vis-À-vis with Google and Apple, and finally Windows 8 Phone App demo.

    $20 at the door for non-SVForum members
    No charge for SVForum members
    No registration required
    Speaker Biographies: TBD