Mobile Internet SIG: Medianet – The Intelligence Network, Providing Best Quality Rich-media



  • Topic:  Medianet – The Intelligence Network, Providing Best Quality Rich-media User Experience on Any Devices. Video (TV, VoD, Internet video, P2P) is changing the way we work, live, play, and learn in a world that has no boundaries and knows no borders. By 2014, video traffic will account for over 91 percent of global consumer IP traffic.

    Simply increasing bandwidth and converging video into IP network is not going to solve the issue. Deploying video, collaboration and business applications together radically changes the demands on the network. Networks require intelligence in treating voice and video traffic, minimizing complexity and the total cost of deploying video endpoints, and ensuring a consistent high-quality user experience on any device.

    A Medianet is an intelligent network optimized for rich media. It includes a collection of smart applications, endpoints and network functionalities for the delivery of high-quality voice and video across the IP network.

    There are three properties of Medianet that enables rich-media to scale and enhances the performance of video, voice and data:
    -Media-aware. It can detect and optimize different media and application types (e.g. telepresence, video surveillance, collaboration-on-the-fly, and streaming media).

    -Endpoint-aware: it automatically detects and configures media endpoints.

    -Network-aware: it is able to detect and respond to changes in device, connection, and service availability.