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    Robert Middleton (bio), Owner, Action Plan Marketing

    You are or want to be an Independent Technical Consultant and you're great at what you do. But marketing your services was never your greatest strength. You know some of the things you should do but you never get great results doing them and you've fallen back to servicing your current clients and hoping for referrals. As a result, you're riding the income roller coaster - especially during tough times.

    It's time you looked at marketing as a game - a game with very specific rules and strategies. And a game that can be won by Independent Professionals if you learn how to play. Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing has invented a new model for marketing your services called "Marketing Ball." In his presentation he'll show you how you can get hits, move around the bases and score runs with much less effort and struggle.

    In this presentation you'll learn:

    • What gets attention and what doesn't (and how to use the power of problems to get a hit every time you speak about your services.)
    • How to speak the language of the prospect (it's definitely not tech-talk)
    • Three pieces of information your prospects want (but you hardly ever give them)
    • Four strategies to get to second base (a meeting with a qualified prospect)

    If you're tired of struggling with marketing and want to learn a new type of game to attract clients, this presentation is for you. Before the presentation, take a look at Robert's Marketing Ball model.

    Speaker Bio


    Robert Middleton, Owner, Action Plan Marketing

    Robert has been helping Independent Professionals market themselves since 1984. He has worked with hundreds of clients and spoken to thousands of people through workshops, seminars, presentations and teleclasses. Robert is the author of the "Client Magnet Workshop" on tape and the online "InfoGuru Marketing Manual." His email newsletter, "More Clients" goes out to over 20,000 people worldwide every week and his Action Plan Marketing web site ( is a valuable marketing resource for Independent Professionals.

    A recent quote: "I have an MBA with a specialization in marketing and have worked in the function - your site and your material knocks the socks off my former MBA course for relevance to professional services marketing. Most of my previous consumer marketing knowledge falls by the wayside next to your very well positioned, well written and extremely useful material."

    - Andrew Elder, Sydney Australia

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    12:00pm-2:00pm Brown Bag Session


    SDForum Center

    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200

    San Jose, CA 95113


    Cost (Refreshments included; NOT lunch, please bring your own!)

    $10 SDForum Members

    $20 Non-Members

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