• Mktg SIG: InfoGuru Marketing Monday, February 12, 2001 - 06:30PM
    Mitchell Park Community Center
    3800 Middlefield Road
    Palo Alto, CA
    Marketing & Social Media

Mktg SIG: InfoGuru Marketing



  • Cut through the "noise" and attract new clients by leveraging your information.



    Robert Middleton - Action Plan Marketing


    Mitchell Park Community Center

    3800 Middlefield Road

    (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)

    Palo Alto, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments

    7:00-7:20pm introductions and announcements

    7:20-8:30pm presentation



    $10 for Non-SDF Members, No charge for Members

    About the session

    The traditional ways of marketing services are not working anymore. Advertising, mailings and even trade shows and conferences are less effective because the "noise level" is so loud that it's hard to get any attention. Branding strategies can only get you so far on a limited budget. You need to start attracting attention and distinguishing your company through the information you possess. And you need to continually create new ways to differentiate and disseminate that information.

    Your clients hire you for what you know and for how you apply that knowledge to solve their problems. They're not interested in brand or identity. They want results and they're looking for services that can prove they can deliver those results. They want information.

    Smart service businesses are implementing "InfoGuru Marketing" strategies to get that information to the potential clients who want it. This strategy isn't brand new, but the Internet has made the delivery a whole lot easier. InfoGuru Marketers are giving their information away through talks and presentations, web-based reports, articles, both on-line and in traditional media and through audio and video, both on- and off-line. Being an InfoGuru Marketer is to understand the power of free samples. People want a taste of what you have to offer. And this taste is almost always more persuasive than an advertisement or mailing can ever be.

    InfoGuru Marketers are building huge email databases of clients and prospects and keeping them up-to-date with eZines touting the latest thinking in their field. They are launching content-rich web sites that provide solid ideas, not fancy flash animations. InfoGuru Marketers gain a reputation for being "in the know", and as a result, get the calls from clients who want to work with experts.

    This presentation will explore the world of possibilities of InfoGuru Marketing and give you specific ideas to launch your own InfoGuru Marketing campaign.


    About the presenter

    Robert Middleton

    has been helping professional service businesses with marketing since 1984. He has worked with hundreds of clients in a wide variety of management and technical consulting firms, as well as other professional service businesses, helping them market themselves more effectively. Self-employed his whole working life, Robert has studied with the top marketing consultants in the country, including Jay Abraham and Alan Weiss. In 1995 Robert developed his own model of marketing exclusively for professional service firms called the "5 Ps." He has written dozens of articles on marketing for professional service businesses, many of which can currently be found on-line at www.guru.com and on his own web site at www.actionplan.com. In addition to being a marketing consultant, coach and workshop leader Robert is a graphic designer and a web designer. Robert has just launched his first on-line product, the "InfoGuru Online Marketing Manual."

    Audio of the meeting is available on PlayOnDemand.com. Look for a writeup here by mid-March. A write-up of Robert's August 1999 presentation to the Marketing SIG is attached below. Audio of a presentation he made at another venue in Spring 2000 is available on PlayOnDemand.com.

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