• Mktg SIG: Improve Your Management Monday, July 09, 2001 - 06:30PM
    Mitchell Park Community Center
    3800 Middlefield Road (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)
    Palo Alto, CA
    Marketing & Social Media

Mktg SIG: Improve Your Management



  • Gaining Competitive Advantage by Better Managing Your Employees


    Lee Bernstein - PeoplePlus


    Mitchell Park Community Center
    3800 Middlefield Road
    (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)
    Palo Alto, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments
    7:00-7:20pm introductions and announcements
    7:20-8:30pm presentation
    8:30-9:00pm wrap-up/networking


    $10 for Non-SDF Members, No charge for Members


    About the session

    What a difference a year can make.

    Remember when finding and keeping good people was the critical issue facing companies? We’ve all heard stories of companies buying talent, paying inflated salaries, giving away stock options, and offering bonuses for every imaginable occasion.

    Then came the economic downturn. Raises, bonuses and other perks largely evaporated as companies no longer had so much money to throw around. Workers who once had a short-term mentality are now staying put. For the time being, there aren’t many greener pastures. But employees who are merely “staying put” may not be the most motivated or productive employees. Managing people during economic uncertainty takes skill. And therein lies the key problem facing leaner, transformed, re-focused companies: lack of good management.

    Good management was not in vogue during the meteoric rise of many companies. Who needed competent management and professional development while they were on their way to becoming millionaires? No one was leaving. There was too much money to be made.

    Things are different now. To thrive – or even survive – companies need good management: people who know how to create a productive environment without the fancy frills of more money, bonuses and stock options. Managers need to learn (or re-learn) how to communicate, motivate, build teams, and create trust and loyalty. And yes, good managers will still need to know how to attract and retain top talent. Do you know how to take your company to the next level? Do you know how to develop the talent on your team who will take you there?

    Good management is the single most important factor that will differentiate your company from competitors. This highly interactive, enthusiastic and fun session will help you increase loyalty, employee retention, and bottom-line results. You'll learn what it takes to put your company (back) on top:

    • How to understand what employees really want and need from their managers
    • How to immediately create a WOW workplace

      Whether you are a manager, hope to be a manager, or need to create change in your organization, this session will offer invaluable insights and actionable techniques that you will be able to use at work the next day.

    • How to avoid the most common mistakes managers make(how many are you making?)

    About the presenter

    Lee Bernstein is a speaker, trainer and consultant. Her company, PeoplePlus, helps businesses to create a happy, healthy and productive workplace. Lee is past president of the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce, vice president of professional development for the Mt. Diablo Chapter of the American Society of Trainers and Developers, and a member of the East Bay Speakers' Association. Lee frequently speaks and writes about the "people" side of business, and developed her presentation skills while working as a stand-up comedian.