Mktg SIG: How to Gain Control of the Sales Process



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    Mike Johnson, Principal - Michael Johnson Sales Solutions


    Presentation Overview

    How to Gain Control of the Sales Process

    Cash is the lifeblood of every company. Some companies get their cash from venture capitalists, some via royalties, and some through other means, but most companies must generate sales to keep the cash coming in. Cutting-edge technology, flashy marketing, and high mindshare aren't good enough, especially in today's climate. If you don't have an effective process for converting potential buyers into paying customers, your company will end up as nothing more than yet another sad tale of "what might have been".

    Achieving sales is often quite challenging for technology companies, whose core competences are typically in areas like invention and development rather than marketing and sales. The challenges are especially daunting during the start-up phase, when customers must be secured and sales revenues generated in undeveloped markets, often with incomplete and unproven products and services, all on an accelerated timescale. How can you win against those odds?

    Fortunately, there are principles you can apply to gain more control over the selling process, even if your background is in technology rather than sales. Application of these principles will result in shorter sales cycles, higher close ratios, and increased revenues. Selling can actually become an enjoyable experience!

    In this lively and interactive session, Mike Johnson will discuss key steps in the selling process, and explain how you can be more effective at each stage. Themes he will cover will include:


    • Understanding the dynamics of the Buyer-Seller Dance
    • How prospects try to control the sales process
    • Learning how to gain control of the sales process
    • How to qualify prospects before wasting valuable time on quotations, presentations, demos, etc. that go nowhere
    • Uncovering what really motivates prospects to buy, instead of trying to sell based on price
    • How and when to ask for referrals

      Attendees will have the opportunity to role play some of the concepts, and gain confidence in applying them.

      About the Presenter

      Mike Johnson

      began his sales career at General Electric as a Technical Marketing Specialist. During his ten years with GE, he held positions as Marketing Manager, District Sales Manager, and Regional Manager. He received many honors and awards during this time, including Outstanding Salesman of the Year, largest order ever booked by the division and the Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Performance. In addition to his sales and management achievements, Mike developed and taught sales skills courses to GE employees.

      Later, Mike became a partner in a manufacturers' representative firm selling electronic components and manufacturing services to the high-tech industry. Spurred on by his success, Mike started his own manufacturers' rep firm, which he led until 1999.

      Since 1999, Mike has pursued his passion for a sales career as an independent franchisee of the Sandler Sales Institute. He provides sales evaluation, training and coaching to startups and established companies who need to increase revenues. Mike helps people by 'transforming them from the inside out’ — building their confidence and teaching them effective communications techniques.

      Mike earned a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, and taught these subjects at the University of Kentucky Prior to joining General Electric. He also is the holder of two United States patents.

      Event Logistics


      Mitchell Park Community Center
      3800 Middlefield Road
      (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)
      Palo Alto, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments

    7:00-7:20pm announcements and introductions

    7:20-8:30pm presentation and discussion

    8:30-9:00pm wrap-up/networking



    $15 at the door for non-SDForum Members

    No charge for SDForum members and students with ID

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