• Mktg SIG: Ethics In Marketing Monday, June 10, 2002 - 06:30PM
    Mitchell Park Community Center
    3800 Middlefield Road (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)
    Palo Alto, CA
    Marketing & Social Media

Mktg SIG: Ethics In Marketing



  • Selling your stuff without selling your soul.


    Kirk Hanson, Director - Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

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    Presentation Overview

    Ethics in Marketing

    If "Ethics in marketing" sounds to you like an oxymoron, you're probably been offended by too many pitches full of distorted truths, bait-and-switch tactics, and blatant hype by over-zealous marketeers. Although there are plenty of hucksters who seem to have no regard for truth and decency, marketing should not be equated with dishonesty. Good marketers know that the essence of their job is to communicate the true value of their offering: its ability to satisfy unmet needs of potential customers.

    But where are the boundaries? How far can you go in trying to make your solutions more attractive than those of your competitors? Are you being unethical or just savvy if you reveal only the good points about your product or service, while hiding your weaknesses? When does influencing perceptions cross over into creating deceptions? And how can you keep both your integrity and your job when you're called on to promote a product, a service, or a company that's not quite yet real?

    Join us for a thought-provoking discussion of these and other ethical dilemmas facing marketing professionals, featuring one of the country's leading authorities on business ethics. Bring your own questions, and hear about the challenges that others have faced in trying to keep their moral compasses on track amid the turbulence of today's technology markets.


    About the Presenter

    Kirk O. Hanson

    has served as the Executive Director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University since August 2001. A nationally-recognized pioneer in the study of business ethics, he has lectured extensively on the subject at SCU and at Stanford University. During his 22 years on the faculty at Stanford, he introduced the formal study of business ethics to the curriculum, and also served as director of the Sloan program, an executive master's program. Mr. Hanson also also founded the Santa Clara County Ethics Commission, which monitors political campaigns and administers ethics regulations for county officials. He has written several publications on business ethics, and provided consultation on ethics to more than 40 corporations and universities.


    Event Logistics


    Mitchell Park Community Center

    3800 Middlefield Road

    (between Meadow Drive and Charleston Road)

    Palo Alto, CA


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    7:20-8:30pm presentation and discussion

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