Marketing SIG: What the CEO Thinks of Marketing & Five Ways You Can Demonstrate Its Value



  • Marketing SIG: What the CEO Thinks of Marketing & Five Ways You Can Demonstrate Its Value By Dave Kellogg

    Most CEOs don't come from a marketing background. They don't understand marketing. They don't necessarily believe in marketing. But they know they have to do it. So they begrudging allocate money, but deep down wonder if they're overspending, underspending, or if in fact anyone would notice if the company spent no money on marketing at all.

    In this talk, veteran CMO turned CEO Dave Kellogg will discuss how he perceived marketing from the six years he spent atop the CEO perch at MarkLogic Corp and what, when he was CMO of BusinessObjects for 9 years, he did to maximize marketing alignment and relevance to the rest of the organization.

    About the Speaker: Dave Kellogg, Technology Executive, Blogger, and former CEO MarkLogic

    Dave Kellogg is a software technology executive. From 2004 to 2010, I was CEO of MarkLogic, makers of the leading database for unstructured information, taking the company from zero to over $50M in annual revenues.

    Before that, I was SVP of marketing at Business Objects as we grew from $30M to $850M and which was later sold to SAP for $6.8B. Before that I was VP of marketing at Versant as we grew from $1M to over $16M and which later had a successful IPO. I began my career in both technical and marketing positions at Ingres Corp.

    I sat on the board of "big data" analytics provider, Aster Data, from 2009 until its successful sale to Teradata for $325M. I also do some angel investing and am an advisor to several startups, including consumer protection site,

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