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Marketing SIG - Influence Moves Markets



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    Presentation Overview

    Influence Moves Markets - A Model for Understanding Customer Behavior in the Networked Economy

    Many firms are ill-equipped to deal with a dramatically changed media landscape populated by millions of bloggers and other contributors to social media. Firms are finding that the solutions they rely upon to measure, model and manage marketing, communications and even customer service no longer work as well as they used to. And that metrics they trust, such as reach and frequency, are increasingly subordinate to imprecise calculations of word of mouth and buzz, or mathematically precise but less meaningful measures such as page rank.

    Is making sense of the blogosphere just another wheat and chaff data problem, or are there other considerations that factor into the equation? Todd Parsons, co-founder and chief product visionary for start up BuzzLogic, believes the insight into and measurement of influence is the most meaningful approach to understanding customer behavior in the new, networked economy. Todd will argue that far more than page rank, volumetric or other criteria, influence--and by extension, influencers--that moves markets.



    Todd Parsons, Executive Vice President Products & Services (Co-Founder) at BuzzLogic

    A co-founder of BuzzLogic, Todd Parsons is responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of BuzzLogic’s software products and services. Prior to founding BuzzLogic, Parsons led development of the Knowledge Bank and Online Business Services for Silicon Valley Bank, where he managed development of productivity and business intelligence products for the bank and venture capital community. Previously, Parsons was a co-founder Textus Worldwide, a supply chain management consulting firm and held senior management positions with InnovationWorld and Artmetropolis. Parsons has served on the faculty of San Jose State University’s Electronic Commerce Program.


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