Marketing SIG: Don't Launch a Product, Launch a Product Experience: 11 Rules to Learn



  • Abstract: 

    Today, consumers don’t just expect a great product; they expect a great product experience. The product experience does not start or end with the product.

    The experience starts with product information gathering, then goes to purchase. Delivery is next, then onto the ub-boxing experience. Setup is next; followed by first use. Repeated use follows (with customer support as needed), and finally disposal and replacement.

    Brief Bio:

    Since 1989 Joshua Weinberg (President, The Digital Life Consulting Group) has helped companies introduce successful technology products to the consumer marketplace, drawing on his extensive professional launch, product advising and public relations experience as well as his deep technical knowledge.

    Using insights from his long perspective as both an industry insider and as a discerning user of new technologies, Josh knows how to communicate the big ideas and benefits of a new product to its intended audience. He is an expert at translating the bits, bytes and technical jargon of new technology products into language and concepts that resonate with mainstream consumers and experienced users alike.

    During his career, Josh has successfully launched a wide range of products for clients and technologies ranging from toys for Intel to cell phones and the PlayStation 3 for Sony. His firm, The Digital Life Consulting Group, advises consumer electronics and consumer technology companies on positioning, marketing strategy and launch best-practices. His core belief is: "You don’t launch a product, you launch a product experience. And while the product itself is very important, the product experience does not start or end with the product." Josh has become a widely read blogger and his articles have been published on the Wall Street Journal's "All Things D" Web site.

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