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    Presentation Overview

    Building Strategy & Driving Consensus through Shared Mapping

    Getting everyone “on the same page” and getting them to “buy in” is critical for the accomplishment of any team effort. Believing that the team is far more than a group of individuals flying in formation, Art Monk uses mapping approaches to get the most out of those infamous off-sites that many would just like to fugeddabout. The concept of “flip-chartless” sessions in which real results emerge and everyone has them on their desk … the next morning(!). The idea that maybe the best thing I could ever do for my team is accomplish my goals and TRUST that the other really competent peers I have will focus on theirs (!).

    Join us to see how the mind mapping paradigm can be used to attack marketing problems facing teams that need to coordinate to move their ventures to the next plateau. In particular, you can participate in a collaborative session on features, techniques, and methods that make a new product or service "viral" or easy to share by word of mouth or mouse. Bring your own ideas and we will post a consensus map after the session.



    Art Monk

    Art Monk is managing director at Meridian Executive Partners, LLC, a business advisory and consulting firm specializing in assisting early stage companies. He is also COO of IPS Consulting, an intellectual property advisory firm based in Palo Alto, California. Art has held executive management positions as either VP or CEO in 13 startup ventures including Saba, PointBase, Docutrieve, TransImage, Silicon Valley Research, and eZedia. He has also held Board positions in a number of early-stage companies including Dial-Guard, JADE, Micralyne, IVRNet, and Keyword. Art has an MBA, and an MSc from the universities of Alberta and Manitoba, and was a Ph.D. candidate in Physics at the University of Alberta.


    Mike Rowehl

    Mike has been working for startup companies almost exclusively for the last 12 years and been a developer on projects ranging from embedded systems to web services. Currently he is an architect for Ning Inc., a social software company located in Palo Alto, as well as co-founder of the Silicon Valley chapter of Mobile Monday.


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