Term Sheets 101: The Devil in the Details



  • Do you understand the crucial aspects of writing a term sheet? Come hear war stories and learn what every entrepreneur should know before negotiating with investors.

    Pam Burke, (Bio), Partner, Gray, Cary, Ware & Freidenrich

    Cynthia Typaldos (Bio), President & CEO, RealCommunities, Inc.

    VCs negotiate and work with term sheets every day. Entrepreneurs, however, deal with them only a few times during the life of a company. Even in a "standard" term sheet there are numerous provisions and negotiation points... and valuation is only one of them.

    As an entrepreneur, you need to be aware of both the benefits and consequences of each provision to be on even ground when negotiating your term sheet. The combination of real-world stories and a sound legal perspective will provide you with the whole picture. Learn first hand about an entrepreneur's experience with liquidation preferences, conversion rights, protective covenants, and more!

    This seminar is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs who anticipate that they will be negotiating a term sheet. You will learn from Pam Burke, an attorney at Gray, Cary, Ware & Freidenrich, about the business implications of the legal provisions in a standard term sheet. This legal presentation will be followed by recent real-world experiences and advice from Cynthia Typaldos, a serial entrepreneur. 

    Speaker Bios


    Pam Burke, Gray, Cary, Ware & Freidenrich

    Areas of Expertise include Venture Capital and Private Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions, and General counsel services for start-up companies. More...


    Cynthia Typaldos, RealCommunities

    Cynthia founded RealCommunities to build web community infrastructure software for vertical portals, corporate and B2B web sites. Cynthia is a pioneer among Internet entrepreneurs. In January 1995, she co-founded and launched GolfWeb, the leading golf portal.

    Prior to GolfWeb, Cynthia held senior management positions at Sun Microsystems and Data General. She has an undergraduate science degree from the University of California at Berkeley and also attended graduate school in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. She received her MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT. More...

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    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast

    9:00-12:00pm Interactive Seminar



    SDForum Center

    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200

    San Jose, CA 95113


    Seminar Track

    Financing: Startup Stage Businesses


    Cost (Continental Breakfast Included)

    $49 SDForum Members

    $99 Non-Members

    Pre-registration unavailable. Please register at the door.