• Main Event Series

Stanford Pitch Contest



  • Get Exposure at Stanford -- Winners Pitch to NEA & Greylock


    Hosted by

    John W. Glynn, Jr., General Partner, Glynn Capital Management


    Special Guests

    Aneel Bhusri, General Partner, Greylock & Vice Chairman, PeopleSoft

    Scott Sandell, General Partner, New Enterprise Associates

    Venture Capitalist John Glynn is offering SDForum startup members a unique opportunity to gain exposure through his venture capital class at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. John is a seasoned venture capitalist who also teaches the fundamentals of venture capital to MBA students at Stanford each year. This could be your chance to get connected with up-and-coming Stanford VCs and pitch to three prominent venture capitalists!

    Deadline to respond

    5:00pm on Wednesday February 6th

    Here's the opportunity:

    1) SDForum startup members submit applications (including a three page executive summary covering the five key areas below) by 5pm on Wednesday February 6th.

    2) John will choose five executive summaries that will then be reviewed by the students in his class. Students will provide detailed feedback in the five key areas, plus an overall score. If your company is reviewed, you will receive copies of the students' feedback (on your company only). As a side note, you should know that the students’ analyses will constitute a significant portion of their grade for the class.

    3) The two companies with the highest overall student scores will be invited to come to the class on March 7th to make a 20 minute pitch to the students PLUS special guests Aneel Bhusri and Scott Sandell.

    4) After the pitch, the companies will field questions and get feedback first from the class and then from Scott and Aneel, as well as John Glynn himself.

    If you think you have what it takes to make the grade, apply via email to [email protected] by 5pm on Wednesday February 6th. The application should include both the Personal Data and Executive Summary outlined below.

    Personal Data


    Company Name

    Size of Co. (people)

    Mailing Address

    City, State Zip

    Contact Email



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    Executive Summary

    Along with the above information, please attach an Executive Summary, 3 pages or less (as a Word document) covering the following:

    Management Team. Outline the members of your core team, relevant skillsets, industry specific knowledge and expertise, proven ability, leadership capacity, etc.

    Market Landscape. Outline the current and future state of the market, including size, market conditions, time to market, how you'll address and meet the needs, etc.

    Competitive Advantage. Outline your unfair competitive advantage related to other direct and indirect competitors, including uniqueness of concept, technology expertise, intellectual property, etc.

    Business Model. Outline how you will make money, including revenue model(s), sales targets and channels, expenses, costs of customer acquisition, etc.

    Feasibility. Outline your execution and growth plans, including strategic relationships, planned usage of funds, liquidity/exit strategy, etc.

    SDForum startup members only. No cost to participate.