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  • Designing Thin Clients and Wireless Applications

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    As we design Web services for our partners, customers, and consumers, we must plan to deliver these services to a very large number of heterogeneous computing devices. These devices include mobile phones and PDAs, connected via various wired and wireless networks.

    The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, J2ME(TM) and standard XML-based markup languages enable developers to build thin client interfaces for this vast space of ubiquitous networked consumer and embedded devices, from smart cards, PDAs, and mobile phones, to digital TV set-top boxes and automobile entertainment and navigation systems.

    Come learn more about the underlying technologies and the various profiles that are taking shape within the J2ME platform. This presentation will focus on Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) technologies for mobile phones and other devices with wireless connections. We will give you an under-the-hood view (including status and roadmap) of J2ME technologies including CLDC and MIDP APIs as well as J2ME development tools. We will also discuss technologies used to connect mobile devices to consumer and enterprise services, including standard data formats (WML, Compact HTML and XHTML/XML) and protocols (most importantly, HTTP/HTTPS and WAP protocols).

    Speaker's Bio


    Bill Day, Technology Evangelist, Sun Microsystems

    Bill created the J2ME Archive to help developers build applications and services using Java technology. He manages jGuru's J2ME and Java Media FAQs. Bill writes about software development for numerous publications. He has contributed feature articles to, JavaWorld, Dr. Dobb's Journal Software Careers, SunWorld, Gamasutra, and Sun's Java site.

    Bill speaks frequently on multimedia and consumer device programming. He has presented technical sessions, seminars, and courses at major industry conferences including SIGGRAPH and JavaOne and teaches Java and Wireless development as an extension instructor for the University of California Berkeley. Bill is also a Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform.

    Prior to joining Sun, Bill was a software engineer at Silicon Graphics. Bill held fellowships with the Honeywell Technology Center, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Bill has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and completed one year of graduate studies in Scientific Computation at the University of Minnesota.

    More information is available from Bill's web site:

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    SDForum Center
    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113


    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast
    9:00-11:00am J2ME Briefing


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