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  • Come to this workshop if you're ready to make marketing both fun and effective. You'll take home ideas that will help you attract as many clients as you'll ever need.

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    Robert Middleton (bio), Action Plan Marketing

    If you're a consultant you probably struggle to attract clients. After all, you went out on your own because you were a technical whiz and knew you had in-demand services. But when the demand plummeted you were left high and dry - with a dwindling supply of clients and a conspicuous lack of marketing skills.

    Your marketing consists mostly of networking and prayer. You pray that your current clients will like your work so much that they will refer you to other clients! Pretty much everything else you've tried has been a waste of time and money.

    The economy is impossible to predict, but one thing is certain: You need to discover a way to attract clients; something that you can really do, something that doesn't sacrifice your integrity - something that could actually be fun!

    That's what this workshop is about. Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing has been helping consultants and other independent professionals attract clients since 1984. Robert doesn't look at marketing as a burden that has to be survived but as a game that than can be played with energy and enthusiasm and won every time.

    In this workshop you'll learn the model of "Marketing Ball" where you step up to bat with confidence and certainty, where you get to first base by immediately getting the attention of your prospects, get to second base by giving prospects exactly what they're looking for and round third base to home without strain and effort.

    Come to this workshop if you're ready to make marketing both fun and effective. You'll take home ideas that will help you attract as many clients as you'll ever need.

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    Speaker Bio


    Robert Middleton - Action Plan Marketing

    obert Middleton heads Action Plan Marketing, a marketing coaching and mentoring firm that turns consultants and Independent Professionals into client magnets. He has worked with hundreds of professional service business owners to make marketing less of a struggle and more of a game. He's an expert at knowing where to apply the right leverage at the right time to turn opportunities into paying projects. Robert's firm offers a comprehensive marketing manual, teleclasses and audio programs on his web site and keeps himself busy mentoring clients all over the country by phone. His firm also specializes in developing high-impact web sites exclusively for professional service businesses. Robert can't remember what he did before going out on his own. In his spare time he listens to jazz.


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