SF: Making Margin - Stop Giving Your Value Away



  • Learn To Love Value-Based Pricing! See what previous attendees had to say about Mack: "Wow!" "Best seminar I've taken at SDForum." "He articulated and mapped out the mechanics of how the rubber hits the road in execution." “Brilliantly informative and of unsurpassed value. I want to hire him!"


    Mack Hanan(Bio), Principal, greenstreem.com

    For 25 years, Mack Hanan has been helping technology-based businesses in the Valley improve profits by knowing their value, selling their value and pricing their value. During that time, he has learned one of technology's golden rules over and over again: if you sell on price-performance, you will leave between 1/3 and 2/3 of your margin-ability on the table. In this 3-hour interactive seminar, Mack shares his proprietary strategies of selling at high margins to high-level customers in short sales cycles. Your questions on how-to-apply are invited throughout the seminar, which includes:

    • Dollarizing Your Technology's Performance
    • Fitting Your Value To Customer-Specific Needs
    • Selling Value vs Selling Products or Systems
    • Penetrating Midlevel & Top Management
    • Recapturing Value In Price
    • Fast-Closing Value Propositions

    Speaker Bio


    Principal, greenstreem.com

    Mack Hanan is a Principal of greenstreem.com, a B2B consultancy that takes start-up and early-stage technology business fast to market at high margins. The greenstreem Fast Growth™ Business Model is based on Mack Hanan’s invention of Consultative Selling™ and its fast-close value proposition the Profit Improvement Proposal™ (PIP™) that dollarizes technology benefits into financial advantages that act as the basis for high-margin prices.

    Mack and his partners are expert in penetrating new markets for early-adopter sales in Fortune 500 companies, either by training and equipping internal sales forces or by providing their own outsourced A-Team. Mack is author of “Consultative Selling”, Competing on Value” and “Sales Shock!” as well as the White Papers “Fast To Market”’ Up The Value-Chain”, “Managing Speed” and “Modeling Speed”. He consults and teaches globally.

    Event Logistics


    8:30am-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast
    9:00am-11:30am Seminar


    Women's Technology Cluster
    1207 Indiana Street, Suite 4
    San Francisco, CA


    Seminar Track

    Management: Sales & Marketing; Startup Stage Businesses

    Cost (Continental Breakfast included)
    $30 SDForum Members
    $60 Non-Members

    Pre-registration unavailable. Please pay at the door.