Networking Soup to Nuts Series: Influence Networking



  • A Strategic Roadmap to Change Careers, Find a Job, or Penetrate a Business Sector 

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    Networking Soup to Nuts Series

    Still don’t get it, networking for fun and profit. Here is the third event in a four-part Networking Soup to Nuts series guaranteed to create mastery of the networking process from making the first contact, working a room, to following up and keeping in touch.



    Patti Wilson, Managing Principal of Founder, The Wednesdayjobgroup, a 2000 member online networking group


    Presentation Overview:

    Influence Networking: A Strategic Roadmap to Change Careers, Find a Job, or Penetrate a Business Sector

    Networking efforts can easily become scattered and too broad to yield beneficial results. We end up making lots of contacts and coming up empty on outcomes. In a highly competitive economy, a highly targeted, focused approach can grow networking contacts virally, geometrically and globally. Using a proprietary model, this workshop gives a clear, simple networking roadmap and process that generates immediately helpful connections and provides a 4-fold return on the personal time and energy invested.

    • Find out how to use the Influence Networking model to
    • Learn an strategic and tactical process to build a new network in any field or industry
    • How to create a modular script to use as an audio-logo for introductions
    • What to say to open doors both in person and through online social networks
    • How to create the perception of a value exchange in any networking interaction
    • Layout a customized roadmap and action plan to penetrate a targeted field or business sector


    Future Networking Soup To Nuts Events

    Date TBD: How to Follow-up, Keep in Touch and Grow Your Network

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    Speakers Bio

    Patti Wilson

    Patti Wilson, Founder, The Career Company Patti Wilson, owner of the Career Company. empowers individuals with her expert knowledge, inspiration and motivation to go after and get the rewards and fulfillment they want in their work lives. This year, Patti has been interviewed by CBS's Early Show, PBS Radio's California Report, KGO and KPIX TV, NBC3's Business News, Fortune Magazine, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury News.

    Featured as a resource in "What Color is Your Parachute" since 1988,and with a Masters Degree in Career Development, Patti has coached literally thousands of Bay Area professionals to choose the perfect career, find the right job and thrive in any workplace. She has worked for Fortune 500 Bay Area companies in human resources as an Employment Manager at Sun Microsystems as well in recruiting at Apple and AMD and a director in career services at Santa Clara University.


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    San Jose, CA 95113

    Phone: 408-494-8378


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    12:00-2:00pm Presentation

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    Pre-registration is now unavailable.
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