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    Edmund Landgraf, (Bio), Co-founder/Chief Architect, eBoomerang & Strategist to edmundo, Inc., Edmundo Technology & Evaluation Services

    In today's market, you have to find ways to do more with less. If you're starting a business, you need to show what problem your company is solving and how your solution brings exceptional value. You can't afford to spend vast amounts of time writing documents that don't deliver a concise message. We know visual representations are quicker to comprehend, but are time intensive to create and maintain, and can quickly get out of synch with your product or business.

    Learn to use a variety of tools and techniques to deliver useful models that don't require months to create and maintain. If you have an emerging company that builds or uses web services, want to collaborative visually, and want to reduce the amount of code your developers have to write, you can't afford to miss this session!

    Topics covered in this seminar:

    • Definition, overview, and brief history of the current crop of modeling tools, and how to know what tools are best for your job.
    • How to turn your Visio or PowerPoint diagrams into living, breathing documents that can be used throughout an organization.
    • How to break up complex relationships into simple "use-case" diagrams that can be used by a wide audience.
    • How to prioritize product features and Test "what-if" scenarios
    • Demonstration using the Rational Unified Process and the Rational Suite.

    Speaker's Bio


    Edmund Landgraf, eBoomerang Inc.

    Edmund Landgraf is currently co-founder and Chief Architect at eBoomerang Inc, where he leads the design and construction of the next generation of return management systems targeted at manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in computing and electronics. Previously, he helped launch TransactPlus, an outsourced B2B infrastructure company providing transactional messaging, PKI security, and directory and administration services. Previous to TransactPlus, he was co-founder and Chief Architect at Rentals Inc, building the first collaborative solution that met the needs of residential property owners and tenants nationwide. Mr. Landgraf was first seen programming an Apple II computer at age 11 and received his BSE in Computer Science from Cornell University.

    Event Logistics


    SDForum Center
    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113



    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast
    9:00-11:30am Interactive Seminar

    Seminar Track

    Management; Startup and Funded Stage Businesses


    Cost (Continental breakfast included)
    $30 SDForum Members; Cornell Alumni (status will be verified)
    $60 Non-Members