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    Konstantin Guericke, Co-Founder and VP Marketing, LinkedIn


    Presentation Overview

    While we all know that networking is key for business effectiveness and many of us attend networking events, are we getting the best ROI? Are we better off deepening our relationships with a few contacts or creating a broader circle? How can we leverage our existing contacts without wearing out our welcome? What can and cannot be accomplished through online networking? What are some of the key differences among the dozens of "social networking" sites that have sprung up in the past 12 months? What are some tangible examples and best practices of effective networking?

    To help us with our discussion, we're delighted to announce our guest speaker, Konstantin Guericke. Konstantin is the co-founder and VP Marketing of LinkedIn, which has in less than 11 months become the most popular online business networking tool in the world with over half a million users and 20 million contacts.

    As usual, we will restrict attendance to the first 25 founders and CEOs that sign up, so sign up fast!


    About the Presenter

    Konstantin graduated with an B.A and M.S. in Engineering from Stanford and has spent over a decade launching products of high-tech startups. Prior to LinkedIn, he was the VP Marketing of VC-backed startups such as Presenter and Blaxxun. Blaxxun folded after reaching over $16 mil in revenue and a failed IPO, and Presenter was acquired by WebEx in 2002. Konstantin also started the European office of a business process diagramming startup, which got acquired by publicly-held Micrografx in 1992. After the acquisition, he became responsible for $10 million business unit and WindowsDraw, the then most popular consumer drawing program.

    Konstantin is also the founder of the "Dinner Club" and "Wine Limo," which had more tangible social than business results and which are languishing to the dismay of his friends since Konstantin got married, started a family and launched LinkedIn.

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    Pre-registration for this event is closed.
    Please register at the door.

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