FF SIG (SJ): Managing Your Startup Through the Bursting Bubble



  • ...perspectives from a serial entrepreneur.


    Ofer Ben-Shachar, Founder, President and CEO - Noosh


    111 West Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113
    Phone: 408-494-8378


    6:30-7:00 pm light dinner
    7:00-9:00 pm program


    $20, advance registration required by phone (408) 494-8378. Limited to company founders who are SDForum Members; no service providers, please.

    Presentation Overview

    Press is abuzz with the news of gloom and doom, especially regarding technology companies. We know that the bubble has burst. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in today's times? How can you manage your company through this bursting bubble and stay focused on fundamentals?

    Our August 7th talk will focus on entrepreneurship in today's climate -- applying lessons from the past to better manage your present and future.

    Our guest, Ofer Ben-Shachar, will share his experiences with two startups - Noosh and NetDynamics and how he is managing his company in the post techno- bubble era. This promises to be an enlightening discussion for all!

    About our Guest

    Ofer Ben-Shachar

    Ofer Ben-Shachar is one of the early leaders and innovators in the commercialization and expansion of the Internet. Before founding Noosh, Ofer Ben-Shachar was the Founder, Chairman and CTO of NetDynamics, a company that in 1995 introduced the first database development tool for the Internet. Ben-Shachar also founded and was President of Software Xcellence, a software consulting company whose clients included Sony, DEC and Silicon Graphics. He began his high-tech career as a senior software engineer for Teknekron Software Systems, (now Tibco), where he was one of the architects and first developers of the Teknekron Information Bus (TIB). Ben-Shachar has a patent pending for "Interaction between Databases and (Web) Graphical User Interfaces". He is a frequent lecturer at technical and Internet Conferences and has been published numerous times. Ben-Shachar has a BS (cum laude) in Math and Computer Science from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MS in computer science from Washington State University.

    About Noosh

    Noosh offers superior cross-enterprise collaboration technology that rapidly cuts the real cost of doing business. The Noosh collaboration platform digitizes vital cross-enterprise business processes -- such as project coordination, procurement, and customer communications -- enabling large enterprises to more efficiently reach beyond their internal borders to conduct business with their trading partners and customers. The commerce collaboration platform can be configured to manage any custom spend category throughout its life cycle. More than 300 active customers use Noosh including Aetna, Bank of America, CIGNA, Consolidated Graphics, General Electric, Miller Freeman, Wallace, Wells Fargo, and many more.