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FF SIG (SJ): Entrepreneurship on the Web - What Works





    Dave Margulius, Entrepreneur


    SDForum Center
    111 West Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA


    6:00-6:30pm light dinner
    6:30-8:30pm program


    $20 - limited to Copmany Founders who are SDForum Startup Members

    Presentation Overview

    Dave Margulius is a pioneer with 7 years experience developing web businesses. He was most recently COO of Evite and entrepreneur-in-residence at Institutional Venture Partners focusing on e-commerce and other Internet investments. He also has also held business development roles at Netscape's Netcenter web portal and founded early web startup Dave has an MBA from Stanford and a diverse background in consumer marketing, media, and technology.

    Highlight points from Dave's discussion at the Founder's Forum 9/5/00, posted with permission:

    1. Know why you're doing it, what you want to achieve -- it will be a wild ride.
    2. Figure out if you're playing the market swings or chasing a specific vision.
      - Both can work out well; don't swim totally upstream but don't be afraid to be contrarian.
    3. People/team are everything -- management, investors.
      - First time entrepreneurs -- hook up with experience people (Bott, Koogle)
      - Investors - try to look through the hype/sell to [their] track record/expertise
      - Keep it small and efficient -- Yahoo! had 40M valuation with 8 people
    4. Stay focused.
      - As important to make what you have great as to build more stuff
      - Think about the market - the need, and who'll pay
      - Nice to have a revenue model, but the other approach (large scale value) has worked too
    5. Be willing to morph
      - -- [morphed from] content to commerce
      - It's Darwin out there -- they didn't think up eBay
    6. Listen to other people and learn
      - Don't be afraid to share your secrets/communicate or you won't learn
    7. Selling hard and early is important; great entrepreneurs are always selling
    8. Bottom line: just do it; unique time ... if you have it in your heart and stomach, go for it!