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    Randy Revell, Founder and President Context Associated


    Presentation Overview

    The Ownership Attitude

    We all know what it means to own something, as in "I own my car, house or plane." There is another aspect of ownership, however, one that is more of an attitude than an actuality. As company founders, we are all business owners, but despite this legal sense ownership, it is far too easy to cede the ownership attitude in situations which we do not control, such as when we seek venture capital financing. This ownership attitude has to do with the degree to which you are willing to be responsible for the outcome in any given situation. To adopt such an attitude in a situation that you do not control is challenging, yet extremely productive. We are pleased to announce Randy Revell, the Founder and President of Context Associated as our guest speaker. Since 1978, Context Associated has assisted successful people and organizations from around the world to become even more effective in producing the results they want. Randy Revell will review numerous aspects of the ownership attitude and assist those of us in attendance to examine where we draw the line of ownership in different parts of our lives.


    About the Presenter

    Randy Revell

    Randy Revell is known worldwide as one of the premier leaders and innovators in the field of professional and personal effectiveness enhancement. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wyoming and has done post-graduate work in mathematics and communications at American University in Washington, DC. His eleven years with the U.S. Government include duty as an instructor of electronics, an educational television program producer, a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, five years of which was with the National Security Agency in communications. Randy's multi-faceted experiences have contributed to his extensive knowledge of business and people. He formed the first "restaurant club" in the United States, did a stint as a venture capitalist in California's Silicon Valley, served as a consultant to top management of a number of Fortune 500 companies, and was involved with several training companies. With his wife, Judy, he co-founded Context Associated in 1978. As usual, we will restrict attendance to the first 25 founders and CEOs that sign up, so sign up fast!


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