FF SIG: Building Your "Soft" Skills - The Key to Company Success



  • This meeting will focus on identifying and strengthening your "soft" skills. We'll discuss which soft skills are typically overlooked, and come up with concrete actions that you can take to improve your leadership and relationship skills.


    Walt Brown (bio), VP of Customer Service - NetScreen Technologies
    Dr. Arynne Simon (bio) - Consultant and Lecturer on Interpersonal Issues


    Presentation Overview

    Building Your "Soft" Skills - The Key to Company Success

    The ultimate success of failure of your company may depend just as much on the soft issues of leadership and management as on your engineering, finance, and strategy. Come build your soft skills in a special founders-only interactive workshop with Walt Brown and Dr. Arynne Simon. Walt is a former engineer who has been applying soft skills for over 20 years in leadership positions at DEC, Sun, and now NetScreen, while Dr. Simon has 21 years of experience helping both companies such as Apple, Cisco, HP, and Oracle, and their legendary leaders.


    About our Guests


    Walt Brown, VP of Customer Service at NetScreen Technologies

    Walt Brown is the Vice President of Customer Service at NetScreen Technologies, a leading developer of network security solutions. Walt has more than 20 years of experience in establishing and managing customer service organizations. Prior to NetScreen, Walt spent nine years in customer service at Sun, eight years at Digital Equipment and five years at various start up companies.


    Dr. Arynne Simon - Consultant and Lecturer on Interpersonal Issues

    Dr. Arynne Simon is a widely renowned consultant and lecturer on interpersonal issues as they relate to the business world. Her popular seminars and courses include sales and negotiating skills, collaborative management methods, and team building. Her well-known corporate clients include ABC & CBS Television, Adobe, Amdahl, AOL, AMD, Apple Computer, EDS, Rockwell International, Chiron Labs, Cisco Systems, DeVry University, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, InfoWorld, Keystone Marketing Strategies, Landor, Mervyns, Miller/Kadanoff Advertising, National Semiconductor, Netscape, Oracle, Seagrams, and Sun Microsystems. Over the past 21 years, she has helped politicians, network newscasters, and several legendary high tech CEOs.


    Event Logistics


    Online registration no longer available, please call 408.494.8378.


    111 West Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA 95113
    Phone: 408-494-8378


    6:00pm-6:30pm - registration
    6:30pm-8:30pm - discussion


    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members
    No charge for SDForum members
    Free for AAMA members for the month of Feb 2003
    Please call 408.494.8378 for student memberships
    Registration required

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