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    Linden Lab is the company that created and runs the virtual world Second Life.  The company has been lead with a progressive management style that emphasizes individual responsibility.  As the company has grown, it has needed to evolve engineering management structures that support both an ambitions technical product, and the culture of the company.  We will look at these structures, how they have grown, and how well they are doing.  In addition, as Linden Lab strives to be a very distributed company, we'll examine the use of collaborative technologies, including Second Life itself, on our engineering process.

    Mark Lentczner is an engineering director at Linden Lab. He is primarily focused on the architectural extension of Second Life and the software infrastructure to support its expansion to Internet scale. Within the company, he is an architect of the studio concept of engineering management, and a leader in the effort to have a fully geographically distributed company through the use of collaborative technologies.

    Mr. Lentczner has worked in Silicon Valley for over 20 years leading engineering teams on projects including virtual machines, software tools, cell phone browsers, and audio processing. He held leadership positions at Apple Computer, OpCode Systems and Go Corporation before running his own consulting firm for a decade with clients like OpenWave and Perforce Systems. He is a graduate of Harvard with a degree in Applied Math and Music, having studied with both the computer scientist Thomas E. Cheatham, Jr. and the composer Ivan Tcherepnin. More at:


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