SEM SIG: Lean Software Product Development



  • Topic: Lean Software Product Development: Accelerating learning and innovation, eliminating waste
    Speaker:  Frode L. ødegÅrd
    Founder and CEO of Lean Software Institute

    WIIFM:  New perspectives on software product development and take-aways on how to restructure it to make it more effective and efficient. 

    Program Description - Begins promptly at 7 PM
    Executives are often excited about Lean Product Development because of the bottom-line results this approach has been shown to deliver (up to 4 x R&D productivity, 70% schedule reduction, etc.) While improvements in speed, customer satisfaction, and cost savings are well-documented, the real power of Lean Product Development stems from the way leaders are able to mobilize people for faster learning and innovation.

    In this session we will discuss powerful Lean practices that help executives focus their people more on results-oriented innovation and less on just following a process. We will then show how this knowledge-driven approach results in better products and processes.

    You will learn about:
    •    Setting clear, quantifiable, and testable goals for products and processes
    •    Going beyond processes: four other dimensions of R&D success
    •    Set-Based Concurrent Engineering: doing more work in parallel with less risk
    •    How to structure specs and information for faster decision-making
    •    Setting up collaborative workspaces for faster problem-solving
    •    Removing barriers between functional silos
    •    Capturing and documenting crucial Engineering know-how
    •    Accelerating learning for teams and individuals
    •    Leadership traits that help/hurt innovation and learning
    •    Transitioning from a process focus to a knowledge focus

    •    Senior managers and executives interested in faster product development
    •    Program managers
    •    Lean professionals

    About the Speaker: Frode L. ødegÅrd, Founder and CEO of Lean Software Institute

    Frode has more than twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur and trusted advisor to high-tech executives. Organizations he has helped include Sony Electronics Inc., NASA, Lockheed Martin, Candle, Conexant Systems, Mindspeed, and Plantronics. Frode is currently writing a book on Lean for the Software Enterprise.

    Before founding the Lean Software Institute in 2004, Frode was the CEO and founder of ødegÅrd Labs, Inc., a software engineering research and consulting firm. Prior to founding ødegÅrd Labs in 1991, Frode was the CEO and founder of Modula-2 CASE Systems A/S, a Norwegian company building next-generation tools for embedded software developers. His interests outside work include history, philosophy, psychology, and strength training.

    Building D
    Southern Cross Room
    3410 Hillview Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94304