SEM SIG: How CEOs and Engineering Leaders Team for Success



  • WIIFM:   Learn to effectively “manage up and out”  to the CEO and other executives who don’t seem to understand why the product can’t be done when they want it, why yet another feature shouldn’t be squeezed in, and why you need more people and more money to achieve your team’s impossible goals.

    The Business and Product Development: How CEOs and Engineering Leaders Team for Success

    Darlene Mann, Former CEO of Siperian, and Fred Ciaramaglia, SVP, Product Development, Siperian

    Program Description - Begins promptly at 7 PM

    A common refrain among Engineering Leaders is the lack of understanding their CEO demonstrates for the constraints of operating a product development organization. A common complaint of CEO’s is the lack of business perspective their Engineering Leaders express in their decision-making. In this talk, a CEO and SVP Product Development explore the working relationships and compare points of view between Engineering and General Management Leadership, common pitfalls made on both sides and strategies for successful teaming.

    About the Speakers

    Fred Ciaramaglia — Senior Vice President, Product Development
    Fred Ciaramaglia joined Siperian in 2003 with more than 35 years of experience in the high-technology industry. At Siperian, Mr. Ciaramaglia is responsible for overseeing the planning, engineering and delivery of the company’s product offerings, in addition to leading the team in developing and launching new product ideas.
    Most recently, Mr. Ciaramaglia served as Senior Vice President of Engineering at Qiva where he was responsible for the development and operation of Qiva's Global Logistics Control System. Prior to Qiva, he was Senior Vice President of Engineering and Network Operations for Flycast Network and then Engage/CGMI, which acquired Flycast in 2000. Mr. Ciaramaglia also held senior engineering management positions with Rational Software, SQA, Clinical Information Advantages, Softbridge Microsystems and Chase Econometrics/Interactive Data.
    Mr. Ciaramaglia holds a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    Darlene Mann, Business Consultant
    Darlene brings a unique perspective to business and organizational strategy consulting, drawing from nearly 25 years in the software industry, including 15+ years operational experience spanning sales, marketing and general management and 7 years in venture capital. Darlene most recently served as CEO of Siperian, leading the company from early product development to a recognized first mover and leader in the rapidly growing Master Data Management market. Prior to joining Siperian, Darlene led the enterprise and internet software and services investment practice as a general partner of ONSET Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in seed and early stage investments. Before becoming a VC, she spent more than 12 years in software product marketing and strategic planning in high- growth companies, including roles as VP Marketing at Avantos Performance Systems, founding VP Marketing at BroadVision, Inc., and senior product marketing positions with Lotus Development Corporation, Verity and Paramount Communications. Darlene holds a bachelor's degree from the University of California at San Diego, Revelle College.



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