SEM SIG: Herding Cats in the Networked Age




    Title: Herding Cats in the Networked Age:
    Social Coordination and the Future of Work


    Digital technology continues to suggest new ways of organizing work. Commonly cited examples include massively-collaborative document authoring (Wikipedia), distributed data analysis (NASA), and open-source software development (Linux), all drawing on the “wisdom of crowds.” As impressive as these achievements are, they tend to depend on relatively simple patterns of coordination and exhibit few of the complexities of timing, data dependency, and local (situational) knowledge that characterize more general knowledge work. Further progress requires a new, more sophisticated approach to the flow of information and control in the collaborative workgroup. This talk outlines how ideas from the design of computer systems might influence workgroup coordination in the future.

    Stanley J. Rosenschein
    Distinguished Visiting Scholar
    Media X and Center for the Study of Language and Information
    Stanford University

    Bio: Stanley J. Rosenschein, Ph.D. has over two decades of experience in academic research, executive-level management, and entrepreneurial ventures. Dr. Rosenschein is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, in addition to serving as CEO of Quindi Corporation, a role he has held since 1999. Prior to Quindi, Dr. Rosenschein was founder and CEO of Teleos Research, a research company acquired by Autodesk in 1996. He then served as General Manager and Chief Scientist in Autodesk's Advanced Products Group. Prior to Teleos, Stan served as the Director of Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International and as a Consulting Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. Stan holds a B.A. from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania.


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