SEM SIG: Enough Process – Let’s do Practices!



  • About the Speaker: Dr. Ivar Jacobson, Founder, Ivar Jacobson Consulting,

    Program Description - Begins promptly at 7 PM

    In the presentation, Ivar discusses how to move from a straight discipline-based approach to process, to practices that cut across disciplines and ease the process adoption.  Included in the presentation are detailed discussions about the new Essential approach called Esswork and how Esswork can be used to define an Essential Unified Process (EssUP) or how the Esswork framework can be used to combine the best aspects of RUP, Agile CMM and home-grown methods into the most useful and effective set of practices for your company.


    ·Senior managers and executives interested in faster product development

    ·Program managers

    ·Lean professionals

    Ivar Hjalmar Jacobson (born in Ystad, Sweden, in 1939) is a Swedish computer scientist.  He got his Master of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers Institute of Technology in Gothenburg in 1962 and a Ph.D. at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 1985 on a thesis on Language Constructs for Large Real Time Systems.

    In 1967 he proposed the use of software components in the development of the new generation of software controlled telephone switches Ericsson was developing. Thus he invented sequence diagrams, and developed collaboration diagrams. He also applied state transition diagrams to describe the message flow between components.

    He thought that there needed to be blueprints for software development. He was one of the original developers of SDL (Specification and Description Language). At Ericsson he also invented use cases as a way to specify functional software requirements.  After leaving Ericsson, Ivar developed the software process OOSE.  In 1995, Ivar started working with Grady Booch and James Rumbaugh to first create the UML, and later develop the Rational Unified Process.

    In mid-2003 Ivar formed Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) which is an umbrella company for Ivar Jacobson Consulting (IJC) which operates across 4 continents with offices in the UK, US (West and East Coast), Scandinavia, China, Korea, Singapore and Australia.

    In November 2005, Jacobson announced the Essential Unified Process or “EssUP” for short. EssUP is a new “Practice” centric software development process that stands on the shoulders of modern but established software development best practice. Ivar has described EssUP as a "super light and agile" RUP and IJC have integrated EssUP into Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and Eclipse.


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