Engineering Leadership SIG: Wild & Crazy Adventures of an Interim VPE



  • Engineering Leadership SIG: Wild & Crazy Adventures of an Interim VPE

    Speaker: Jane Divinski, Interim VPE and Principal, JAD Consulting WIIFM

    So-called “permanent” VPs of Engineering have the disadvantage that they need to play enough politics to stick around for the long-term. Not so with an interim VPE! As an interim VPE, Jane’s one and only goal is to keep the engineering team successfully executing on their objectives while helping to replace herself with a professional who will successfully lead the engineering organization long-term.

    This speaker is experienced, and she has the scars to prove it! She will share her wisdom, much learned the hard way, so your leadership path is easier. "Jane has provided interim executive services for two of my companies. She is an excellent VP Engineering, and has straightened out and focused the efforts of both organizations. I highly recommend her." Rick Thau, Managing Director, Thaughtful Transitions (

    Program Description:

    Begins promptly at 7 PM Drawing on years of engineering management consulting expertise Jane Divinski (aka JADski) will tell a number of anecdotes about different engineering management situations she has encountered. Variety is indeed the spice of life; though many of the challenges faced by a long-term VPE as opposed to an interim person are the same, there are definitely some differences. Note that specific client names will not generally be used as doing so might be hazardous to the future health of her business! Occasionally she also tackles the role of interim engineering program manager for startups and its been observed that these situations usually involve a VP who proactively acts to temporarily increase engineering management bandwidth in order to avoid the problems which inspire a VP to leave (or be asked to leave).

    About the Speaker: Jane Divinski, Principal, JAD Consulting Serial VP of Engineering Jane Divinski temporarily joins early and mid-stage Silicon Valley companies, addressing critical technical and/or people issues quickly, leading the development teams to quality and timely product releases. With engaging people management skills and an emphasis on communications and accountability, she leverages over 20 years of software technology, development process and executive expertise.