Engineering Leadership SIG: Why Would Anyone Follow You?



  • Engineering Leadership SIG: Why Would Anyone Follow You? - Kimberly Wiefling, Author of Scrappy Project Management

    TITLE: Why Would Anyone Follow You? The Language and Behaviors of the Most Admired (and Despised) Leaders

    Attend. Find out. Practice. Change.

    Leadership is not a position in an organization chart or a title on a business card. Leadership is a way of thinking, behaving, and communicating. Leaders have only 3 tools at their disposal: A.C.T.


    -Communication (both talking and listening)


    Of course followers can only directly experience 2 of those tools. Followers judge the effectiveness of leaders by their actions and communication.  The pitfalls of poor leadership are well known, as are the practices of the most admired leaders in the world. But knowing how to do something has never been enough in itself to assure success. (If knowing how were enough we'd all be rich and thin!)

    This event is NOT about telling you how to be a great leader. This highly engaging and interactive session will give you an opportunity to practice acting and communicating like a great leader.

    Come curious and prepared to participate, and leave more the kind of leader you admire.