Engineering Leadership SIG: What Defines an Early Stage A+ VP of Engineering?





    What Defines an Early Stage A+ VP of Engineering?


    WIIFM:  Gain real-world, practical insights about what makes engineering leaders at early stage companies successful from someone who has a great deal of experience successfully leading early stage companies through the bubble, bust and recovery over the last decade.    

    Program Description - Begins promptly at 7 PM

    Early stage companies are quite different across a wide variety of dimensions than more established organizations.  This creates a set of challenges as well as opportunities for leadership.  There are many pitfalls - success failure (user demand outstrips engineering's ability to service the demand, e.g., Twitter early 2008), absence of clear product definition and it's corollary - the mother-of-all PRDs, ever changing/flip-flopping management directives, dealing with Board, funding, and investor dynamics, etc.  During the talk we will define what makes or breaks engineering leaders during this stage of company growth.  The talk will focus on providing real-world, practical advice.


    SPEAKER CHANGE: Matt PÉrez, COO of Nearsoft and an Engineering Manager for 6 Startups Speaker:  Matt has been an Engineering and Operations Executive for nearly 20 years.  He is business-savvy and customer-oriented.  He has worked in rapid growth environments throughout his career in small businesses, as well as in large, public companies.

    Matt co-founded and helped raise $48M in VC investments for three start ups.

    He has delivered traditional, licensed software as well as web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS).  He has a successful track record managing outsourced software projects for many high-tech companies including Sun Microsystems and several start ups.

    Matt now leads Nearsoft, Inc, a successful software development outsourcing business, with operations in Mexico.  He’s been on the other side of the table and has learned, the hard way, how to successfully outsource software development.

    "I’m very picky about my leaders, and Matt PÉrez is one of the most authentic leaders I know.  What I admire most about Matt is his total commitment to respecting each individual as a human being regardless of their position or title, and his high expectations for the potential in each and every person.