Engineering Leadership SIG: Solving the problems that keep you awake at night



  • TITLE: Solving the problems that keep you awake at night

    SPEAKER: Jerry L. Talley

    Jerry L Talley ImageJerry says "The topic of the talk is a discovery from my 30+ years in organizational development work. I believe there are only 6 types of problems. Each type poses a unique challenge. The most critical decision in problem solving is not "What's the best solution?", but rather it is "What type of problem is this?" Once you identify the type you have a clear sense of the critical features that must be explored, what strategy to use in solving the problem, and what a solution would look least in outline form.

    It turns out that strategies that work well for some types are disastrous when applied to other types. And some of the types are easy to confuse for each other. So typing the problem is not always simple; it's just always essential.

    The talk outlines the 6 types and briefly describes the strategy unique to each type. It is a dramatic departure from the classical model of problem solving which has been around since the 1950's and altered very little since then."

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