Engineering Leadership SIG: Rich Moore, CTO/VPE, iLoop Mobile



  • TITLE:  “My Path to fame, wealth, accolades - Engineering Management in the year 2009”

    SUB-TITLE:  “How can I achieve my Engineering Management career objective during these challenging times?  Is Engineering Leadership for me?”

    SPEAKER:  Rich Moore, CTO/VPE at iLoop Mobile

    The year 2009 is the toughest economic environment in our lifetime and leads to an appropriate introspective question of how we can individually thrive and survive not only during tough times, but at all times in our career.  Business challenges exist in all industries; competition is increasing vertically and horizontally and from all corners of the world.  The demands to produce individually, in teams, and to support company goals can often pull in opposite directions.  In the midst of these dynamics, how can I step up the corporate ladder, increase my management role and become the superstar my talent and abilities can achieve.  The culture of Silicon Valley provides a rich canvas of corporate possibilities, yet each successful startup and established company requires leadership, perhaps none more than software technology firms.  We will review some career experiences and learning in pursuit of engineering leadership and share perspectives from a growing mobile technology start-up company.

    About the Speaker - Rich Moore is now a seasoned Silicon Valley engineering exec with more decades of work experience then he feels comfortable admitting.  His career started at Atari as a junior programmer developing arcade pinball and video games progressing to VP Engineering.  Other video game Engineering management roles were held at Capcom and EA, where Rich was Director of Tech on the ground breaking Majestic online game.  While EA is a large, established company, the initial project was only funded thru POC and had a very strong startup feel.
    Rich has a passion for startup companies, and has worked at several developing products spanning interactive DVD, Location Based mobile applications, mobile VoIP and his current work as CTO of iLoop Mobile.  iLoop Mobile is recognized as a leader in Mobile Marketing with a client list including Coke, Western Union, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony, Deutsche Bank, E Online, Comcast and an A list of marketing agencies in the US.


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