Engineering Leadership SIG: Lessons Learned on the Journey from Engineer to Company Founder



  •  Please note: For 2011, we will meet in the Baltic/Caribbean rooms in Building 2

    Topic: "What I've learned about Leadership and Management on the journey of Engineer to Founder"

    Presenter: Jateen Parekh, founder and CTO of Jelli Crowdsourced Radio:

    -Building a GREAT Culture (leadership topic)
    -Be the manager I always wanted and admired (management topic)
    -Communication (leadership and management)
    -Recruiting the best people (management topic)

    Jateen Parekh is the CTO and co-founder of Jelli. During the past 16 years Parekh has developed innovative platforms and assembled teams redefining consumer experiences. Prior to Jelli, Parekh was recruited by Amazon as the first employee, Principal, and Head of Advanced Technology for the Kindle project. He was also an early engineer and architect at ReplayTV which launched the first Digital Video Recorder (DVR) consequently altering the viewing behavior of TV audiences. At Philips Research in Palo Alto (Philips Multimedia Center), he was the technical lead for Pronto, the first internet-enabled, universal remote control, and architect of several new platforms intended for TV delivered e-coupon & digital wallet systems, domestic digital assistants and internet-enabled set-top products. Other products Parekh has been involved with include Progio, the first Sport PDA, and Global Village’s Newscatcher, the first persistent wireless content delivery service for PCs prior to broadband adoption. In addition to technology, Parekh is deeply passionate about music and is excited about the prospect of reinventing radio - a medium that has given him so much over the years.
    Personal note from Kimberly: Jateen is a brilliant technologist, an innovative entrepreneur, and a warm and delightful human being. Come hear him share his amazing journey as an engineer through big companies and small to becoming the founder of one of the hottest startups in the Valley. Jateen and I worked together at ReplayTV long ago, before the dot-com bust. When I saw him on the cover of the Wall Street Journal last year I felt lucky to have met him before he was so famous!  I am sure we'll all enjoy hearing Jateen's stories, lessons learned, and wisdom.  - Scrappy Kimberly Wiefling
    SPECIAL TREAT: A delegation from Singapore will be joining us - IDA’s Singapore delegation will be visiting the valley with nine program winning technology startup companies to continue their four week US MAC iStart@SV program developing business and marketing strategies, planning US operations, and building relationships all designed to establish companies in the US market.

    Thursday, January 20th:     Evening Session



    Agenda:                          Special Interest Group: Engineering Leadership

    6:30pm – 7:00pm               Registration & Networking

    7:00pm – 7:20pm               Welcome Remarks and Delegation Inductions

    7:20pm – 8:20pm               Speaker: Jateen Parekh, founder and CTO, Jelli Crowdsourced

    8:20pm – 8:30pm               Closing Remarks

    8:30pm – 8:45pm               Additional Networking