Engineering Leadership SIG - Jeff McKenna - State of Agile: XP, Scrum and now Kanban - What is up?



  • State of Agile: XP, Scrum and now Kanban: What is up?

    Over the last 20 years we have seen the increased adoption of non-waterfall software
    development methods. In 2001 many of these new methods emerged under the term
    ‘agile’ with the publication of the Agile Manifesto (
    For many the start of Agile in software development was in 2000 with the publication of
    Kent Beck’s extreme Programming explained followed in 2002 by Ken Schwaber and
    Mike Beedle’s Agile Software Development with Scrum. At this time the word agile has
    become common with many organizations with supporting reading, training and
    coaching available from many sources.

    We are now seeing the promotion of Lean techniques in software development with an
    focus on Kanban. In this talk Jeff will discuss what lean thinking adds to the agile
    mindset, how Kanban embodies lean concepts, what are the basics of Kanban and how
    Kanban supplements existing agile methods. Jeff will also discuss when Kanban might
    be appropriate and will provide further references.

    SPEAKER: Jeff McKenna has been active in software development for nearly 50 years taking on at
    one time or another developer, tester, manager, business owner, trainer, coach.
    consultant, blogger and mentor. He has an special interested in testing. domain
    modeling and the larger question of how successful software lives in time. He was a
    coach on the very first Scrum project in 1993 and has been practicing agile in various
    forms since 1987. Currently he is coaching and training on Scrum and moving into

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