Engineering Leadership SIG: How to Manage Change Before Change Manages You




    TITLE:  How to Manage Change Before Change Manages You

    If life is a circus, the 21st Century is the tightrope act.  We are all dancing on the high wire in our combat boots, trying to keep our balance, living and working without a net.  Not so long ago, we had time to absorb a new reality, and adjust our responses accordingly.  But today's change is rapid and relentless.  Technology is driving us faster than we can adapt, product life cycles have gone from years to months and businesses form, collapse and re-form without warning, while jobs disappear, appear, or become something completely different almost overnight. All this volatility requires us to constantly reevaluate, realign and regroup.
    It may not be possible to slow things down, but we can develop new skills that will allow us to stay flexible, keep a steady pace, and ultimately achieve the success we deserve.  This presentation will help you increase your awareness of the impact of change, and what is required to repeatedly negotiate a successful transition.

    SPEAKER:  Courtney Ann Behm

    Courtney Behm is an expert in helping individuals and organizations manage the volatility of our fast-paced, technology-driven world.  She knows first-hand how it feels to careen through life, just barely keeping up with changes in direction and plan, and she’s learned the hard way how to stay on her feet.  She often says that life in the 21st century requires us to dance on a tightrope in combat boots. We’re out there, high above the crowd, working and living without a net, doing our best to keep from falling.  But though we may not be able to slow the rate of change, we can learn to manage it before it manages us.  Courtney offers a fresh perspective on life in the fast lane and creates the kind of “Aha!” moment that illuminates new ways to be effective in life and work.

    Courtney holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Performing Arts and Communication, and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.  She began her corporate career with IBM, and worked for a variety of high-technology companies and industries in Marketing and New Product Introduction roles.  In 1999, she left Cisco Systems to found Viewpoint Solutions, providing coaching and consulting services to a diverse client base, including large organizations such as Sun and Adobe, startups, local government, service professionals, small businesses and not-for-profits.  In 2006, she returned to the corporate world, and currently specializes in Program Management and Process Change. She speaks to associations and organizations throughout the Valley, and is currently writing a book that offers vital tips on how to stay balanced on the 21st-century tightrope.

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