Engineering Leadership SIG: Forming and Leading Teams of Experts



  • Title: Forming and Leading Teams of Experts 
    How can teams become more effective at making decisions quickly and reaching a working consensus? How can we as managers foster effective collaboration on teams made up of several experts. Join us as we explore team decision making, the challenges in blending human expertise, and the use of software tools to maintain a shared situational awareness and improve the timeliness and quality of decisions. This talk explores problems that engineering teams and startups wrestle with as they move from hunches to working technology to product to repeatable, scalable processes. This talk will cover how groups make decisions and how to systemically approach the management of exploration and verification cycles in product and customer development situations. Whether you are a talented engineer, an engineering manager, or an engineering executive you will learn some practical tips for building and leading teams of experts.
    Sean's Bio 
    Sean Murphy has taken an entrepreneurial approach to life since he could drive. He has served as an advisor to dozens of startups, helping them explore new options and bringing their businesses to new levels.
    SKMurphy, Inc., focuses on early customers and early revenue for software startups, helping engineers to understand business development. Their clients have offerings in electronic design automation, artificial intelligence, web-enabled collaboration, proteomics, text analytics, legal services automation, and medical services workflow.

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