Engineering Leadership SIG: Engineer to CEO - Business Leadership Lessons Learned in 25 Fun-filled Y



  • TITLE: Engineer to CEO - Business Leadership Lessons Learned in 25 Fun-filled Years, in 3 Parts 


    •   Part 1 - The 5 tech. jobs on the path from individual contributor to CEO.

    •   Part 2 - "Dan, I love you, but if you don't improve your interpersonal skills, I'm going to fire you."

    •   Part 3 - Innovation FTW (For The Win), empowering engineers to rock in a cloud based world.

    Speaker: Dan Levin, COO of A seasoned general manager with an unusual combination of capabilities. Experienced and successful in both small start-ups and large public companies. Trained as a leader/GM in the “GE school”; by senior ex-GE managers, but quite technical. Very rigorous and analytical, but also very focused on customers and employees. Experienced in and knowledgeable about the venture backed ecosystem. Dan has had significant experience in a variety of industries, including: digital video/interactive TV, health care, small business, consumer software and internet services.

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    What Is Nearsoft About? Nearsoft is a software product development service, with operations in Mexico. We work with ISVs, SaaS companies and consumer-facing sites.

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    Note the expanded peer-to-peer roundtable has been given more time, so if you want to participate, come earlier!