Engineering Leadership

The Engineering Leadership SIG (EL SIG) meet the 3rd Thursday of each month. This SIG enables engineering leaders to improve their effectiveness by providing a forum for sharing expertise, wisdom and experience in a collaborative and mutually beneficial context.

Our areas of focus are:  Leadership, Strategy, Tactical Nuts & Bolts and Career Management.

A variety of activities which include presentations, panels, round table discussions, workshops, and networking events, are designed to  support the professional development and business success of technical leaders throughout their career,  as they move from an individual contributor role into a technical leadership/management role and beyond.

Purpose: Retain and evolve members beyond technical leadership roles as they grow to be strategic engineering leaders and program managers.

Target Audience: Directors and VPs of Engineering, and other engineering leaders, and those who aspire to be at those levels.

Vision: We're a vibrant and valuable part of the careers and lives of Bay Area engineering leaders, improving the quality of their performance and enabling them to realize their full career potential.

Mission: The Engineering Leadership SIG exists to create an active, thriving community of self-aware and principal-driven leaders who come together to share and learn from each other, and from thought leaders relevant to their career needs.  The ELSIG community and its extended network of friends and colleagues also provide an invaluable resource to members during their career transitions.

Commitment: Our attendees will overwhelmingly rate us 4.5 or higher(on a scale of 0 - 5) to the Ultimate Question "How likely are ou to recommend our EL SIG to friends or colleagues?"  Our "Net Promoter Score (NPS) [defined as % Promoters - % detractors} will be 80% or higher.