Nanotechnology & Biotechnology - The Next Wave



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    Nanotechnology & Biotechnology - The Next Wave

    Biotechnology has been with us for over thirty years, and has undergone many transformations. The next phase of biotechnology looks like it will be supercharged by innovations in nanomaterials for drug discovery, theraputics and diagnostics. As homeland security and anti-terrorism becomes big business, how will nano-biotech deliver some of the solutions demanded by this rapidly growing market? How will the emergence of nanotechnology affect the large drug business? What can nanotech companies learn from biotech in terms of market development and partnering between large and small players?

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    Event Chair

    Scott Mize

    Co-founder, AngstroVision, Inc.

    Chairman of the Advisory Board, Nanotechnology Opportunity Report™



    HP Accelrys


    Gary Hooper (bio), Vice President Business Development, Bioproducts, Genencor International, Inc.

    Andy Watson (bio), Vice President Business Development, Quantum Dots

    Stephen Barry (bio), President, Alnis BioSciences, Inc.

    Michael L. Weiner (bio), CEO, Biophan

    John M. Garrison(bio), Senior Director of Marketing, Accelrys

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    Speaker Bios


    Gary Hooper

    Mr. Hooper is Vice President of Business Development for Bioproducts at Genencor International, Palo Alto, California and is responsible for the Business Development activities such as strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, development of Genencor strategic alliances, business development support for Genencor’s strategic business units, and all licensing activities. Mr. Hooper began his biotech career with Genentech in the early days of biotechnology, has been a consultant to industry, and President & CEO of three healthcare biotech companies. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the College of Letters Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California, Scientific Advisory Council at the University of Utah, Board of Directors of Joint Venture, and Board of Directors of Salus Therapeutics. He has also held general management, product management, strategic planning, business development and marketing positions at American Hospital Supply, Travenol Laboratories and Cygnus Therapeutics.


    Andy Watson

    Mr. Watson was one of QDC's first employees. He has been instrumental in formulating and executing on QDC's business strategy and partnering efforts. Prior to joining Quantum Dot, Mr. Watson held senior strategic and engineering management positions at Axys Pharmaceuticals (formerly Sequana Therapeutics) and the Sanger Center. At Axys, he was responsible for the development of software, protocols and instrumentation for high throughput analysis of gene expression. In October 1998, Mr. Watson was awarded a $7.5 million NIST-ATP grant for developing bead-based assay systems. At the Sanger Centre, he developed automated systems currently used to process millions of samples required for scientific projects. He holds B.A. and a M. Eng. from Cambridge University, England.


    Stephen Barry

    Dr. Stephen Barry has served as Alnis' President since November, 1999. Dr. Barry served as Vice President of Research and Development from 1998 to 1999. Previously, he worked in various managerial, product development, and product support capacities at Soane Technologies (the parent company of 2C Optics and ACLARA BioSciences) and at ZMS, LLC. Dr. Barry received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a BS from the University of Texas at Austin.


    Michael L. Weiner

    Michael L. Weiner began his career at Xerox Corporation in 1975, where he served in a variety of capacities in sales and marketing, including manager of software market expansion and manager of sales compensation planning. In 1982 Xerox CEO David Kearns presented Weiner with the President's Award, the top honor at Xerox for innovative achievement. In 1985, after a ten year career at Xerox, Weiner founded Microlytics, a Xerox spin-off company which developed technology from the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center into a suite of products with licenses to many companies. In January 1995, Weiner co-founded and became CEO of Manning & Napier Information Services, a Rochester-based company providing patent analytics, prior art searches, and other services. He held this position until January of 1999. In February 1999 he formed Technology Innovations, LLC, to develop and expand certain intellectual property assets. In August, 2000, Technology Innovations, LLC created a subsidiary, Biomed Solutions, LLC, to pursue certain biomedical and nanotechnology opportunities. Weiner serves on the Boards of Biomed Solutions, LLC, Technology Innovations, LLC, Speech Compression Technologies, LP (an R&D partnership commenced in 1989 to pursue compression technologies), Nanoset, LLC, and Nanocomp, LLC. Weiner holds six issued patents.


    John Garrison

    John M. Garrison is the Senior Director of Marketing for Software Architecture at Accelrys. He is currently responsible for gathering customer needs with regards to technologies to be incorporated into or enabled by Accelrys solutions. He is also responsible for working with the Accelrys R&D and scientific organizations to ensure that the products live up to the customer expectations. He also investigates synergies across Accelrys' vertical markets applying to overlapping areas of interest such as nanobiology. Previously at Accelrys, John was responsible for marketing Accelrys' bioinformatics products and he has over 10 years experience in the scientific software market having worked for Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Simulations. Before moving into the areas of Sales and Marketing John spent time as Research Assistant at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and Dow Chemical Company where he had hands-on experience implementing, building and using software and databases to handle wide ranging types of data.

    Event Logistics


    6:00pm-7:00pm - Networking and Registration

    7:00pm-7:10pm - Introduction to Series/Session - Scott Mize

    7:10pm-9:00pm - Panel Discussion

    Moderator: Gary Hooper, VP Business Development, Bioproducts, Genencor International, Inc.

    Participants: Andy Watson, VP Business Development, Quantum Dots

    Stephen Barry, President, Alnis BioSciences, Inc.

    Michael L. Weiner, CEO, Biophan

    John M. Garrison, Senior Director of Marketing, Accelrys



    PARC-George E. Pake Auditorium

    3333 Coyote Hill Road

    Palo Alto, CA




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