Emerging Tech SIG: Is the Web useful to your Grandma?




    Topic:  Is the Web useful to your Grandma?

    Silicon Valley has a strong focus on all things internet. Here in Silicon Valley, it is easy to assume that everyone wants an iPhone, uses Facebook, and can't live without the internet. In fact, many people are frustrated by the internet. Even in Silicon Valley, non-technologists have limited ability to use the web effectively. With over 3/4 million members and significant resources, Sierra Club struggles to use the internet and web technologies to communicate. As a political organization, the Sierra Club found the web is severly lacking.

    Patrick Moore was a volunteer leader within Sierra Club and saw the need. As a internet software engineer, Patrick saw the solution. In the process of founding Amplafi, he discovered the barriers the Sierra Club faced were not unique but were shared by small and medium-size businesses. Patrick will be talking about some of the market research that he discovered from talking with politicians, activists, and your doctor. Patrick will talk about being sued (by proxy) by the "most influential person in Silicon Valley".

    Patrick will also demo Amplafi - the service he co-founded to address some of these needs.

    Speaker: Patrick Moore, Founder Amplafi

    Patrick Moore worked at LinkedIn, Ariba, plus a few other places that you may or may not have heard of. He was also involved with writing Ballot Arguments on the June 2006 ballot and on this November's ballot. Patrick Moore also lead the Sierra Club's EIR/EIS response to the the California High-Speed Rail project (which is also on the November Ballot). Patrick Moore has a blog at http://www.sworddance.com/blog.

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