Emerging Tech SIG: Tellme will addres VXML3 & Tellme/Skype integration



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    Presentation Overview

    Tellme will address both VXML3 and the Tellme/Skype integration

    Join us this month for the Michael (Bodell) and Michael (Greenawalt) show where they will give the latest from Tellme Networks, the company bringing Internet services to the telephone.


    Tellme Networks - Part 1 by Michael Bodell

    State Machine Notation for Control Abstraction 1.0 (SCXML) is the latest draft specification released by the W3C's Voice Browser WorkingGroup. SCXML plays a key role in both the new VoiceXML 3.0 proposed architecture and in the Multimodal Working Groups Multimodal architecture. Come get a sneak peak at these architectures and learn about what SCXML is all about.

    Michael Bodell leads VoiceXML interpreter development at TellmeNetworks and is a key contributor to both the Voice Browser and Multimodal Working Groups. Michael graduated from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science in 2000. Tellme Networks is a huge proponent of standards technology and was the only company to have multiple Editors of the VoiceXML standard. Tellme pioneered VoiceXML-based directory assistance with the launch of 1-800-555-1212 in July of 2001. VoiceXML is a key technology that today enables Tellme to fundamentally improve how people and businesses use the telephone.


    Tellme Networks - Part 2 by Michael Greenawalt

    Eclipse, the universal platform, is having a great impact across the board on quality and speed of development of innovative products. Of its many open source projects, there is one currently building development tools for creating voice applications using VoiceXML and other markup languages. Tellme Networks is pleased to have developed and donated the reference VoiceXML Browser plug-in, allowing any one who uses the Eclipse Voice Tools to execute their applications on the Tellme Browser at the press of a button. The talk will cover a bit on the Eclipse project and a bit on developing in VoiceXML. A demonstration of the Eclipse Voice Tools and the Tellme Browserplug-in will be included.

    Michael Greenawalt is a senior developer at Tellme Networksand a Committer Member of the Eclipse Foundation. Michael holds a BS degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a PhD from the Universityof Texas Austin. A long career in the computer industry has included teaching, development, and management -- often with focus on creating software tools for development.


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