Emerging Tech SIG: New Frontiers in Personal Genomics



  • Topic - New Frontiers in Personal Genomics

    Presenter - Joanna Mountain, Senior Director of Research, 23andMe

    Abstract - Personal Genomics took a giant leap forward in 2007 when 3 companies launched services that enabled consumers to gain access to their personal genetic data, and to interpretations of those data in the areas of health, genealogy, and ancestry.

    In 2008 23andMe took the field another step forward by initiating customer-driven research.  Since then, scientists from 23andMe have published about a dozen articles describing the results of this research in peer-reviewed journals. The customer-driven research is transforming Personal Genomics as consumers gain further insights that are based on these published findings. 23andMe has begun providing customers with "Key Health Recommendations" based on their genetic results. 23andMe's ability to continue to provide new recommendations depends on the research driven by its customers, who answer survey questions and consent to having their genetic and other personal data used for research.

    This talk will review the brief history of Personal Genomics, as well as the challenges that companies and scientists in the space are currently facing.

    Speaker: Joanna Mountain, Senior Director of Research, 23andMe

    Joanna Mountain is a human geneticist who studies the connections between genetics and a broad range of diseases, the prehistory underlying human genetic diversity, and the nature of the relationship between genetic diversity and categories of race and ethnicity. 

    Dr. Mountain earned a PhD in Genetics and a BS in Mathematical Sciences, both from Stanford, and conducted postdoctoral research on human evolutionary genetics at the University of California, Berkeley.  

    Dr. Mountain joined 23andMe in 2007 as Senior Director of Research, having served on the faculties of the Anthropological Sciences and Genetics Departments at Stanford University.


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    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentation