Emerging Tech SIG: Detecting and Proving Software Theft and Infringement



  • Title: Detecting and Proving Software Theft and Infringement Bob Zeidman, President & Founder, Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering Corporation

    Abstract: Whether unintended or deliberate, software copyright infringement and trade secret theft are problems of growing concern in academia and industry. Currently, too many legal fights boil down to "your expert vs mine". Bob Zeidman, the president and founder of a startup in the forensic software space, will discuss the technical approaches and legal methodologies necessary to reach an objective conclusion about software copying. Bob's software correlation tools have been tested in litigation, so he will illustrate with real-world examples. Bob will also comment on possible implications of the recent Supreme Court Bilski decision.

    Bob Zeidman is the President of Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering Corporation (www.safe-corp.biz) that develops and sells CodeSuite, a leading software tool for comparing source code and object code to detect theft and infringement.

    Bob is also the president of Zeidman Consulting (www.ZeidmanConsulting.com) that provides engineering consulting for intellectual property litigation. Bob has served as an expert witness in patent, trade secret, and copyright litigation resulting in several billion dollars in total awards. Among his publications are technical papers on hardware and software design methods as well as three textbooks -- Designing with FPGAs and CPLDs, Verilog Designer's Library, and Introduction to Verilog. He has taught courses at business and engineering conferences throughout the world. Bob holds four patents, and earned Bachelor's degrees in physics and electrical engineering from Cornell University, and a Master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

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