Multimodal SIG: Year in review -- 2004 and Anticipating Beyond...



  • The Monthly Meeting of the Multimodal Interactive SIG


    Presentation Overview

    Year in review -- 2004, and Anticipating Beyond...

    PAST: A rational review of the wireless industry in 2004.

    PRESENT: Identifying current content distribution themes and technologies-internet, intranet, extranet, UI's and OS's for iTV, Smartphones, PVP's, etc...

    FUTURE: Analysis of new media transport modes, the convergence of technologies. Interpreting the human receptor (5) behaviors and business models associated, hence "Multimodal Interactivity."

    SIDE TOPICS: Investment community, Analysts, Consultants, Industrial Design and Demographics.

    AUDIENCE: This meeting will rely heavily on audience participation. Dynamic and organic in nature, whiteboard drawings and text from all whom want to stand up and state their opinion! Assist in shaping the evening's discussion. Extra beer and caffeine-oriented soda will be hosted, yet individually monitored!



    Jason McDowell, President & CEO, Tomo Software


    Additional Panelists: TBA


    Event Logistics


    Openwave Systems Inc.

    1400 Seaport Boulevard

    Redwood City, CA 94063

    Tel: 650.480.8000


    6:00 PM Registration and Networking

    6:30 PM -8:40 PM Presentations



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