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    Stas Khirman, -Co-founder and CTO at NARUS.

    Timothy Kay PH.D., - Founder and Chief Technology Officer


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    Content Based Charging for GPRS and 3G Services : Challenges, Architecture and Implementation

    Without the ability to track and bill for network usage in a detailed manner, it has been impossible to charge wireless data (GPRS/3G/WiFi) customers on any other basis than fix subscription or flat rates per traffic volume . These charging models are not reflecting the perceived value of the service to the user, and in many cases results into significant lost of revenue opportunities.

    Content based charging provides wireless data operators with capabilities to charge their users in accordance with used services, content accessed, or premium Web sites visited. Innovative business models, such as revenue sharing with content providers, have been established, thank to content-sensitive charging.

    In this presentation, I will discuss business aspects of the content charging, technological challenges, available solutions and practical deployment architectures. I'll share our experience and lessons learned from a full-scale deployment of the content charging in the leading 3G operator environment (KDDI).

    If time permits, the specifics of the prepaid business model.


    Industry Expert & Veteran

    Conversational agents are an ideal paradigm for developing multimodal applications. Leveraging the power of language, conversational agents offer a compelling, simple user interface across all client devices, from the desktop to the mobile phone. The interfaces are both powerful and simple, and life cycle costs, including development and maintenance, are dramatically reduced when compared to other multimodal development technologies.

    Two Conversagent products will be demonstrated: BuddyScript SDK and BuddyScript Connectivity Service. Both products are available for free to the developer community and dramatically lower the hurdles to developing multimodal applications.

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    About the Presenters

    Stas Khirman

    Stas Khirman is a co-founder and CTO at NARUS, where he is responsible for leading the design and development of innovative IP-based usage collection, mediation and billing solutions. Mr. Khirman developed Semantic Traffic Analysis, a breakthrough network analysis and usage collection technology. Mr. Khirman is a designer and principal implementation of the Narus billing-mediation platform. Mr. Khirman is personally responsible for inception of the IPDR billing records standard and the founding of the IPDR organization. Mr. Khirman is a regular presenter in industry-leading billing, BSS and OSS conferences. Prior to NARUS, Mr. Khirman was a chief network architect for VDOnet where he led the development of innovative video-on-demand protocols and industry-first H.323 video conferencing phone.


    Timothy Kay PH.D.

    Kay has been a high tech consultant for many years, advising technology icons including Cray Research, IBM Research and Microsoft Research. Kay got a taste for startups at Silicon Gaming, building state-of-the-art slot machines. He later turned his energies to the emerging Internet market by jump-starting a series of startups including Metro3D, VXtreme, Infospace and luckySurf.com. Kay co-founded Query Labs, an Internet consulting firm that provides third-party directory services to newspapers and media firms.

    In 1997, Kay, along with his adviser James T. Kajya, won an Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for pioneering work in 3-D computer graphics.


    Event Logistics


    Openwave Systems Inc.

    1400 Seaport Boulevard

    Redwood City, CA 94063

    Tel: 650.480.8000


    6:00 PM Registration and Networking

    6:30 PM Narus, Inc. CTO Stas Khirman – GPRS & 3G WAN billing environments

    7:30 PM Tim Kay PH.D – Conversational Agents and IM

    8:30 PM Adjournment



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