• Business of New Media II Tuesday, December 11, 2007 - 08:30AM to 05:00PM
    Microsoft, Galileo Auditorium
    1065 La Avenida Street
    Mountain View, CA

Business of New Media II



  • This event was held on Tuesday December 11, 2007

    Business of New Media

     Following up on last year’s highly successful conference, join SDForum as we continue to track what’s happened since then and what it means for consumers and the face of “media” as we know it. This year’s focus is on how new media is reshaping our lives and what to expect from new media participants in terms of relevance, accuracy and economic sustainability. What technologies are driving new media and who is leading the charge? Will old media displace new media? Who controls content and what does this all mean start-ups?

    In addition to a compelling line-up of speakers, there will be the opportunity for tech startups to present their tricks of the trade and for the first time, an international audience will join in via a simulcast.

    8:30am-9:00am Registration - Continental breakfast
    9:00am-10:00am Opening Keynote: Kara Swisher, Wall Street
    Includes 15 minutes Q/A
    10:00am-11:00am "Success Stories from the Front Line: What does it take to get Venture Money?"
    What are the business opportunities in new media companies and where is the investing going to take place? Which strategies are best for companies as they look for funding?

    Panelists include venture-funded companies and:
    Jon Epstein, Double Fusion
    Jim Lussier, Norwest Venture Partners
    Richard Wong, Accel
    Omar Hamoui, Admob

    Moderator: Andrea Orr, The Deal

    11:00am-11:10am Coffee break
    11:15am-12:30pm “Dancing with the Elephants: How to Win without Getting Crushed” 
    To successfully grow a company, it’s critical to partner with the big players. Yet how does this happen without getting trampled? Voices are heard from both sides and learning lessons are shared.

    Panelist include smaller companies partnering with major technology enterprises such as: 
    Karen Roter Davis, Google
    Anne-Marie Roussel, Microsoft
    Philipp Schloter, Nokia
    Matt Thompson, Sun

    Moderator: Heather Gates Massoudi, Deloitte

    12:30pm-1:00pm Lunch
    1:00pm-1:45pm Afternoon Keynote: James Heckman, Zazzle
    1:45pm-3:15pm “In the Trenches: Picks and Shovels Driving New Media”
    What are the new can’t-live-without technologies, who is behind them and how will they change our lives? To select these companies, SDForum will conduct a search for the best in partnership with Vator TV. The audience will vote for the best companies and they will get a chance to present. The companies will represent key sectors of new media- gaming, social, ads, mobile, location, video.

    Panelists include:
    Chad Kinzelberg, Scale Venture Partners
    Richard Yen, Blueprint Ventures
    Alexander Castro, Pluggd
    Michael Halter, Broadcaster Media
    Peter Kim, Compete
    Mahesh Lalwani, Ccube
    Ellen Leanse, 222do
    Shanna Tellerman, Sim Ops Studios
    Henry Wong, Zipidee
    TJ Modi, Vezoom
    Moderator: Allison Tilley, Pillsbury Winthrop

    3:15pm-3:30pm Coffee Break
    3:30pm-4:45pm “Where’s the Business in the Model?”
    You’ve created a great site, you’ve got some traction and now your investors are telling you, you have to make money? Who’s done it right and where’s the market going? Some of the current models include subscriptions, advertising, content, licensing, retail, build + sell, and certainly more to come.

    Panelists include:
    Bryan Biniak, Jacked
    Daren Gill, Veveo
    Nancy Miller, Rattlebox
    Colin Stiles, Monsoon Multimedia
    Tim Stevens, Doppelganger

    Moderator: Gary Sasaki, Digdia

    4:45pm-5:00pm Closing Remarks

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    Ed Buckingham, Gary Bryd, Janice Carter, Tim Chang, Mark Duncan, Jim Lussier, and Gary Sasaki

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    Microsoft, Galileo Auditorium
    1065 La Avenida Street
    Mountain View, CA