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  • Topic: "Securing Your Cloud - The Most Common Vulnerabilities"

    Since its inception, cloud migration and security have been the biggest inhibitors to enterprise-class Cloud Computing adoption. For most companies, the know-how is acheivable through IT & product training. But cloud security is different because the attack vectors are always changing and you can never say 'done'. But you can limit your risk through best practices.
    This month we invite two experts to share their suggestions for Cloud Security Best Practices.
    Presentation #1: "Identity is the New Security Perimeter" by Pamela Dingle of Ping Identity (Pam's Blog)
    In a world where every function of an organization operates in a different corner of the cloud, how can any organization retain control?  There is only one common factor in all of the activities that are relevant:  the user.         Protection of user authentication to cloud resources gives organizations a single critical point of leverage, a place to gain visibility into user interactions with the cloud, a place to apply consistent policy in a distributed system, and most importantly, a chance to control critical business events such as termination of employees, reducing risk to the organization.
    Presentation #2: TBD



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