Cloud Services SIG: How to Protect Your Cloud Data



  • Please note: This month the Cloud Services SIG will hold a joint meeting with the Security SIG. The location for this month is: Symantec vCafe in Mountain View

    Topic: How to Protect Your Cloud Data

    Cloud computing has significant implications for the privacy of personal information as well as for the confidentiality and integrity of business data. While known security threats and the approaches to mitigate the associated risks are still valid for cloud computing, there is an urgent need to develop new mechanisms and methodologies to address challenges which are becoming more relevant in cloud computing scenarios. How can we systematically measure the attack surface of a cloud software? How can we use cryptography to minimize the trust cloud application consumers need to put on the application provider in collaborative business scenarios? In this presentation we will discuss potential solutions around timeless software security and attribute-based encryption which aim to answer these questions.