Cloud Services SIG: Cloud Computing: Increasing Performance




    Topic: Cloud Computing: Increasing Performance
    Cloud Computing has taken off, but the ease of provisioning and deploying applications has highlighted a new issue: cloud performance. Tonight's presentation offers three different approaches to improving cloud performance, each focusing on a different aspect of the issue. Performance areas addressed include: improving network performance to and from the cloud, improving data access performance through caching, and improving database performance through data compression.


    Ideas for Better Performance Using Cloud Computing

    Whether you have already deployed a SaaS application or just mulling the possibility of cloud computing, this presentation will provide some fresh new performance enhancing ideas to consider. Including:

    -Using the cloud for high performance storage and query of massive volumes of structured data

    -Freeing up and boosting the performance of production resources and storage

    -Getting around bandwidth performance constraints for big data upload to the cloud

    Ramon Chen will discuss these concepts through an introduction to RainStor, a specialized repository for the cost-efficient storage and online access of historical structured data.

    Unleashing Cloud Performance - It's hard not to get caught up in the cloud computing hype. The value of consolidating IT infrastructure to a private or public cloud is crystal clear. However, one of the key inhibitors to cloud environments is poor performance. Moving applications, servers, and storage to a central location poses a challenge for far flung remote branch offices and mobile workers that need to access this infrastructure over their high latency network connection.

    In this session, Bob Gilbert will discuss how Riverbed's groundbreaking WAN optimization solution enables a successful cloud deployment by accelerating the environment by orders of magnitude and in some cases up to 100 times faster.

    Accelerating Cloud Data Access  - “Everything runs from memory in Web 2.0” – Evan Weaver, Twitter. Memcached is mission critical for Web 2.0 companies to scale their sites by alleviating database load and accelerating performance. As companies are looking to reduce operational and overhead costs, the trend is to move more and more applications and services into the “cloud”

    Without Memcached, Web 2.0 in the cloud doesn’t work - until now... In this talk Bill Takacs will discuss the pros and cons of implementing Memcached in a cloud environment. The basics and best practices of implementation and how to use Gear6 to get the most of of your cloud based Memcached deployment.

    Ramon Chen, VP Product Management, RainStor
    Ramon has 20+ years experience marketing and product managing software infrastructure tools, applications and databases. Previously Ramon was VP product marketing for Siperian (now Informatica), an MDM software provider. He was Sr. Director of PM and product marketing at GoldenGate Software (now Oracle). He has also been VP of marketing and PM at MetaTV (now Comcast); director of PM at Evolve Software (now Oracle) and director of PM and marketing at Sterling Software (Now CA).

    Bob Gilbert, Director of Marketing, Customers, Community, Evangelism, Riverbed Technology
    Bob was one of the original product management team members that helped define the initial feature set for Riverbed's groundbreaking Steelhead product line. Bob's pioneering work was instrumental in launching Riverbed as the WAN optimization market leader.

    As Riverbed's evangelist, Bob heads up the efforts to facilitate conversation among customers, partners, or anyone interesting in IT infrastructure performance. Bob's effort has resulted in the successful launch of Riverbed's presence in online discussion forums, regional user groups, blogs, podcasts, and social media venues like Facebook and LinkedIn. Visit for more info.

    Bill Takacs, Director of Product Manager at Gear6
    Bill is a 15 year Product Management veteran with extensive experience in Product Management and Product Marketing. His product experience is diverse and includes hardware, software, media, and service products. Bill has marketed and delivered products to consumers, small business and large enterprises. He holds a BS in Business and Information Technology from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration / Networking / Refreshments / Pizza (sponsored by Informatica)

    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentations and Discussion